Before You Arrive

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the University of New Mexico is currently functioning under limited operations.  Prior to making a trip to campus, we recommend you contact departments by email for their specific operational protocols.

Welcome to UNM, and know that even in the midst of the COVID pandemic, we're here to help. Contact our HR Service Center for general assistance by phone at 505-277-MyHR (6947), email: or fax: 505-277-2321.  Directions to the HR Service Center and other HR departments

Complete the following as soon as possible but NO later than three (3) business days prior to your start date:

E-Sign your Offer Letter and complete online Onboarding tasks

You will receive an email notification with your offer letter that will need to be signed electronically. An additional email notification will be sent of online Onboarding tasks to complete:

  • Employee Demographic Form
  • Employee Acknowledgements
  • Checklist and Infographic that will guide you through the New Employee Experience webpage as well as “Your Lobo Journey” portion.

Complete Other Forms

Your UNM Benefits

Review the Benefits webpage to understand the options available to you and the deadlines and procedures for enrolling in your benefits.  You have 60 calendar days from your eligibility date to enroll in your benefits.

  • Visit the Eligibility and Enrollment webpages on the HR website for details and benefits enrollment forms.

Contact Benefits & Employee Wellness at with questions.

Protecting the Pack

Protecting the Pack: As a new member of the “Lobo Pack”, your safety and the safety of the entire UNM community is paramount. Lobos are adaptive and clever, and can find ways to deliver education, create new knowledge, provide service to our state, and remain the engine for social mobility that makes our work so important.

This will require all of us to work together, with an eye towards the safety of each other. Each of us defines all of us - I wear my mask to protect you, you wear your mask to protect me.

Please review the information contained at the following links:

UNM Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus Guidance for Employees

Additionally, all new and current UNM employees must complete the following mandatory training before physically returning to campus:

Bringing Back the Pack – Return to Work Training

Questions regarding the training should be directed to Employee and Organizational Development at

Print your Temporary Parking Permit

Along with this checklist, you should have received a Temporary Parking Permit valid during your first week for Zones G, T, M, Q, Rio, and South (Albuquerque Campus). For information regarding permanent parking permits, see section titled “Your First Week.”